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Steven also a distributor of Old Hickory Furniture Company, which  has been handcrafting heirloom-quality furniture and accents in the heartland of America since the 1800s.

Quality, durability, sustainability and rustic comfort are the hallmarks of Old Hickory products - hallmarks that Seven is proud to display in his own home and display homes! 

Today's Old Hickory combines designs from the company's history along with more contemporary applications for home. Yet the process of handcrafting each piece remains very much the same. Attention to detail, the careful matching of parts, the difficult assembly with mortise and tenon, and the meticulous hand weaving process, make Old Hickory Furniture's products unique, comfortable, and very durable. After one hundred years, old-fashioned care continues at Old Hickory Furniture Company, the home of America's genuine, original furniture.

Call Steven at (636) 482-4756 to discuss your log home and rustic décor needs today.

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